Taken from the ocean (LR, sand famous people, hermits

Steven Pro, Are you presently about Philippines? It does not stink nonetheless it smells like a stone regarding the ocean (hehe naturally that is where they originated from). If it cannot stink do I still have to dump they? I absolutely want to get some for my container but We have no idea if this can also be survive my base gravel once the that isn’t fine sand so i did not just take one getting now. Does it survive my bottom pebbles regardless of if it is never as fine due to the fact mud exactly what it was applied also? But I’m not sure if they’re reef safer. However, I am able to maybe not see these types of hermit crabs on your own crabs web site.

Only two of them are around and they are not reef safer. The rest possess black legs which have silver spots with purple (possibly maroon) antennae and two bluish little antennae. Are they reef safer too? They won’t buy take-out. They all need consume some thing. It is simply an issue of if or not we really worth whatever they consume. They will consume one thing they come across the that they can eat without difficulty. In the event the meals is abundant, they could exit your snails alone. For folks who routine a beneficial husbandry plus don’t features pain in the neck algae and you will uneaten dining everywhere, your crabs will end up starving and you can turn to almost every other victim items. I wanted to take the fresh new stone in addition to shrimp, however, We currently have a great banded coral shrimp and that once i incorporate various other shrimp of the same kinds they could battle.

It is actually instance a rock farm

I didn’t remember that these shrimps also inhabit most low oceans throughout the just 3 base deep. I absolutely want to come back truth be told there and also certain extra stones and several invertebrates. And they are free! I.) Therefore all of the hermit crabs may possibly not be reef safe unless of course provided properly? Villagers and take care of this type of stones market these to more LFS in new Philippines. Or even want the trouble out of meeting stones you can purchase they indeed there. But if you need totally free merely get your own for free and so they you should never attention. It will be unusual for all the regulators not to have certain variety of controls positioned.

There can be a small LFS truth be told there that sell fishes, corals, invertebrates, and alive rock

Hermit Crab Hello those who couldn’t make it to MACNA. <> One of my (saltwater) hermit crabs was upside down in his shell looks for something like a few days and now his claws are missing. It looks like he only has two legs right now and is definitely unable to move with his huge shell (he got greedy in getting a new home). What should I do with him until he can grow he claws back, which I am assuming will take a few molts at least? Would it be better if I keep him in the main tank, the sump/refugium <>, or quarantine tank?? How should I feed him, or at least he has access to food?? <> Thanks, Kim

Red Slime Algae Hi Bob, Haven’t written in quite some time. I have a case of Red Slime Algae. I’ve neglected my tank over the summer (I’ve been a bad boy) and now I’m going to remedy it through large water changes every week. I know what needs to be done, but I’ve seen claims from a few “sellers” that Red Leg Hermits eat red slime algae. Have you ever seen this? Thanks, Tony